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Pilates , Yoga, Walking, Mind & Body

Studio 24 at Home

Welcome to Studio 24 at Home.

I have made these short videos to give you exercise suggestions to keep you motivated during our enforced closure.

Please use these suggestions safely at home and remember all the things I say in class;

"Quality over Quantity"

"Your Strength & Your Stamina"

"Belly Button In!"

These videos will build into a library that you can mix and match over the coming weeks to get the perfect workout for you!

Also please remember that these are videos produced on my phone.

I do not have a professional production crew, script writer or set builder!

So nothing to stop you now

Push back the Coffee Table

Move the cat/dog/child

Stay in your PJs


Grab a Cuppa

Please join our closed Facebook group


so we can stay connected and share our virtual exercise class experiences.

Click the links below for your chosen Pilates Sequences

or if you prefer the YouTube platform click here