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Pilates , Yoga, Walking, Mind & Body

How Are We Making Studio 24 Safe for You?

We appreciate that some of you will have no concerns returning to the studio

whilst some will have varying degrees of anxiety and different expectations.

We hope to work with you to make your experience at the studio as calm and welcoming as possible,

and within the Government Infection Control Protocol.

We will be using a *coloured wrist band system to help instructors and fellow participants know how

you are feeling during your visit without having to explain yourself or be put in a situation which makes you uncomfortable.

Red: I wish to keep myself to myself, keep my distance and minimise talking

Yellow: I wish to keep my distance but happy to chat

Green: I’d give you a hug if I could!

So how will it work when you visit us?

Please adhere to the following

  1. Bring your own mat & water bottle, do not bring excess personal belongings.
  2. Wait outside on the marked areas – the studio will be locked.
  3. You will be asked to enter ONE at a time.
  4. Upon entering you will be asked to use hand sanitiser.
  5. Your temperature will be taken.
  6. Take a colour coded wrist band*
  7. You will take all your belongings (as few as possible) into the studio.
  8. Please place your mat on the furthest available marked space.
  9. Wait for class and respect the space and concerns of other participants*.
  10. Enjoy Your Class

After Class

  1. You will be asked to leave ONE at a time through the front door.
  2. Place your wristband in the container to be sterilised.
  3. Use the hand sanitiser.

Things to consider

  • Please arrive with adequate time to adhere to the pre class protocol
  • Please allow time to exit safely without compromising the post class protocol
  • Our toilets are available and will be cleaned before and after each class.
  • The studio floor, door handles and switches are cleaned after every class
  • Instructors and Therapists have been trained to adhere to these procedures

Please feel free to raise any concerns you may have about your visit and we look forward to seeing you soon.